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The learning opportunities for elementary students are endless in the O2B Kids Afterschool program! Any elementary school child who wants to investigate the mysteries of science, explore the internet, plant a garden, make a movie, paint a picture, sing a song, choreograph a dance, learn a back-flip, write an article, build a float, take a trip, play basketball, laugh, learn or play with their friends should attend O2B Kids Afterschool!

Our Afterschool Programs have been accredited by the Council on Accreditation and the National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Programs.  This means we have met or exceeded standards of quality set forth by these national agencies. 

The Daily Schedule

Once your child arrives at O2B Kids, she will meet her counselor and friends in a designated Group Spot to start the fun. There are four segments to every day:

  1. Snack
  2. Homework
  3. Specialty Class
  4. Neighborhood Time

Field Trips are offered occasionally and will alter the traditional daily schedule.


A nutritious snack is provided each afternoon to ensure that your child has the energy to have a BLAST!



Each afternoon, the children have a designated homework time.  Counselors are available to help if needed.

Neighborhood Time

Neighborhood Time is a time to give kids a choice of things to do – just as they would experience in a safe neighborhood of yester-year. Choices include a combination of program calendar classes, non-scripted inside and outside play, and counselor led activities. This provides crucial time for your child to explore, make choices, develop friendships and gain independence. Our Counselors are stationed in zones to facilitate safe play.

School Pick-Up

Our Afterschool Counselors meet your child at school dismissal to provide immediate supervision, take attendance, confirm absences with the school’s attendance records, and begin the fun. We pick-up from the following schools:

Gainesville Supercenter:

  • Chiles Elementary
  • Hidden Oak Elementary        
  • Meadowbrook Elementary   
  • Talbot Elementary
  • Terwilliger Elementary
  • Wiles Elementary

Gainesville Midtown:

  • Glen Springs Elementary
  • JJ Finley Elementary
  • Littlewood Elementary
  • Norton Elementary
  • Stephen Foster Elementary        
  • Williams Elementary


  • Alachua Elementary
  • High Springs Elementary
  • Irby Elementary
  • Meadowbrook Elementary

Fleming Island:

  • Fleming Island Elementary
  • Paterson Elementary
  • Swimming Pen Creek Elementary
  • Thunderbolt Elementary
  • Doctor's Inlet (Afterschool Only)
  • Lake Asbury Elementary (Afterschool Only)
  • and NOW St. Johns Classical Academy


  • Carrillon Elementary
  • Evans Elementary 
  • Keeth Elementary
  • Lawton Elementary
  • Rainbow Elementary
  • Red Bug Elementary
  • Stenstrom Elementary

Altamonte Springs

  • Bear Lake Elementary
  • Forest City Elementary
  • Sabal Point Elementary
  • Spring Lake Elementary
  • Wekiva Elementary

Village South

  • Crookshank Elementary
  • Hartley Elementary
  • Mason Elementary
  • Osceola Elementary
  • RB Hunt Elementary

Jones Bridge

  • Dolvin Elementary
  • Barnwell Elementary
  • State's Bridge Crossing Elementary

Old Milton

  • New Prospect
  • Ocee
  • Abbotts Bridge
  • Lake Windward
  • Creekview 

Specialty Groups

We organize our Afterschool kids into small groups based on age and interest area. Our goal is to keep each group together all day and all year long which helps your child establish strong individual friendships and a team mindset so critical for social development. Four Specialty Groups are offered led by a

Counselor with skills to match. Each of these specialties is divided into twelve, three-week units. The chart below identifies the Specialty Groups and the specific units.

  Visual Arts Science Performing Arts Sports
Unit 1 Drawing Science Basics Performance Basics Soccer
Unit 2 Color Chemistry Dance Football
Unit 3 Sculpture Physics Music Videos Yard Games
Unit 4 Clay Creations Biology Improv Basketball
Unit 5 Papermaking Geology Holiday Music Hockey
Unit 6 Print Marking Astronomy Cheer & Gymnastics Fitness
Unit 7 Paper Mache Forensics Reporting Volleyball
Unit 8 Puppets Weather O2B Idol Wiffleball
Unit 9 Mosaics Rockets Puppetry T-Ball
Unit 10 Art Around the World Geography Characters & Costuming Kickball
Unit 11 Arty Facts Chemistry Acting O2B Olympics
Unit 12 Cool Crafts Biology Music Videos  

Days & Hours of Operation

The O2B Kids Afterschool program operates Monday through Friday from school dismissal until 6:00 PM. You may pick-up your child at any time.

Extended Stays

O2B Kids Supercenter, Fleming Island and Oviedo facilities are open until 8:00 PM.  Alachua & Midtown facilities close at 7:00 PM.  We provide a variety of food options for purchase to satisfy a hungry belly if necessary.

Full Day Programs - School Holidays

O2B Kids provides full-day programs on most school holidays and teacher workdays. Check your child's facility for hours of operation. Late pick-up is available. Holidays, teacher workdays, and full-week programs (Winter Break and Spring Break) are included for currently enrolled Afterschool children. O2B Expeditions may require an additional fee.  Priority scheduling for these programs is given to our regularly scheduled Afterschool students.

Parent Pick-up

There is a specific pick-up area for the Afterschool program, and all parents and caregivers must sign-in at this location upon arriving at O2B Kids. O2B Kids will only release a child to caregivers designated on the child’s enrollment form. All caregivers must show a picture ID.

Notification of Absence

Please contact O2B Kids by 12:00 noon if your child will not be attending the Afterschool program. Attendance is taken during school pick-up. If your child is not present at the designated pick-up location, we will call you or your designated emergency contacts. O2B Kids is not responsible for any child who is not present during school pick-up. No refunds or credits will be given for absences.

Registration Requirements

To participate in the O2B Kids Afterschool program, your child must be registered. To register, parents must complete an enrollment form which includes emergency contact information and a list of caregivers eligible to pick-up your child. A one-time Enrollment Fee must be paid.


The Afterschool tuition for the entire school year is divided into equal payments for your convenience. Afterschool payments are automatically processed on your billing day from your checking or credit card account. 

Waiting Lists

O2B Kids enrolls children on a first-come, first-serve basis. Should space become filled, we start a waiting list and notify parents as soon as space becomes available. To hold a spot on the waiting list, an Enrollment fee is required.


While we strive to provide the finest enrichment programs we possibly can in an environment that is loved by your kids, nothing is more important than Safety! The measures listed below help us accomplish the goal of providing the safest possible environment for your child:

  • Background Testing on all Staff
  • CPR and First Aid Certified Staff
  • Age-Specific Groups
  • Low Staff/Child Ratio
  • Wristband ID System
  • Video-monitored Environments
  • Group Lists and Daily Schedules

Trained and Certified Bus Drivers with active CDL licenses with appropriate endorsements, regular license checks, DOT Physicals, Drug Tests, CPR and First Aid Certifications, and lots of routine training!

Our programs are licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families.
License Numbers:

  • Supercenter Afterschool: C08AL0025
  • Midtown:  C08AL0533
  • Alachua:  C08AL0072 
  • Fleming Island:  C04CL0092
  • Oviedo:  C18SE0288
  • Altamonte Springs:  C18SE0218
  • Village South:C07SJ0135
  • Old Milton: CCLC - 50988
  • Jones Bridge: CCLC - 50989
  • Wellington: 50-51-2006581
  • West Palm Beach Sedona: 50-51-2006489
  • Royal Palm Beach: 50-51-2006507
  • East Boynton Beach: 50-51-2006590
  • West Boynton Beach: 50-51-2006695