Part 2: Experiences Wire the Brain

April 12, 2013 09:09 by Andy

An infant has roughly 100 billion brain cells at birth.  As a child grows and experiences the world, the number of brain cells remains fairly stable, but the cells grow in size as they connect to other brain cells, creating an intricate network.  This is often referred to as the brain’s wiring or circuitry.  Creating and reinforcing these vast neural connections are the key tasks of early brain development – and they are inextricably triggered by life experiences.  The result is that children who are exposed to positive, diverse life experiences tend to complete more yeas of school have higher paying jobs, make healthier lifestyle choices, and live longer, healthier lives. 

With over 200 weekly classes, free play variety and unique special events, the O2B Kids “New Learning Playground” is truly an “experience” supercenter when it comes to brain development!  And it doesn’t stop there!  Each year we have an Education Conference for our staff, and the April 2013 conference has one focus:  How Experiences Wire the Brain.  Our staff will focus on the science behind what we do – and remember what an incredibly important job they have!