Children's Movement of Florida Shines!

September 9, 2010 05:36 by Jami

A Sparkling Vision

“You have glitter on your chin,” my husband said to me when I got home from attending The Milk Party at Santa Fe College in Gainesville, sponsored by the Children’s Movement of Florida.  Laughing, I told him the glitter was from our granddaughter’ kisses, whose happy faces were painted with shimmering flowers and hearts.

The Children’s Movement ( is a visionary initiative started by David Lawrence Jr., former publisher of the Miami Herald.  Its goal is clear - take good care of Florida’s children, and we will be taking much better care of our state.  Our little ones need critical improvements in 1) access to quality health care, 2) screening and treatment for special needs, 3) quality pre-kindergarten, 4) high-quality mentoring, and 5) effective support and information for parents.

This is a citizen’s initiative, rather than a political one.  Its intent is to draw on our best selves to do what we already know how to do.  We already know the standards of good parenting.  We already know what defines a superb teacher and effective curriculum.  We already know how to keep children healthy.  And most of all, every one of us absolutely knows that these doable things are the RIGHT thing to do.

The Children’s Movement has one purpose - to bring this doable goodness into focus - now. To pull Florida out of is humiliating, dreadful bottom-feeding statistics regarding the care of our children - now.  To fix the problems we already know how to fix - now.  Gratefully, this is not rocket science.  The solutions are not a mystery.  The solutions are a matter of energizing the moral and social will of every voter, politician, business person, parent, and caring citizen.

There’s much that sparkles in Florida - our oceans, sands, our fluffy clouds, sunny palms.  But nothing will shine brighter, or glitter with more consequence, than when we, in a few short years, meet the sacred goals of The Children’s Movement - to nurture every single Florida child so that s/he is fully prepared and eager to impact - for the good - our  beloved state and our global community.

-- Jani N. Sherrard