Art Lesson... almost!

June 1, 2014 12:46 by Lieba

So, the other day, one of my counselors asked me to come see what the kids in her art group were doing. I walked in the Art Studio and the kids were all laying on their backs, under the tables, painting.  Painting up!  Yep, you'll find masterpieces under our tables.  So cool!!

My counselor turned to me and said, "Let me see if they remember what we talked about."

She then asked the kids, "Who did we study today?"

Together they shouted, "Michelangelo!!"  

Impressive!  So I asked, "What, did he paint tables or something?"

They yelled, "Nooooooo!!!!"

Then one student (you gotta love her enthusiasm) says, "Wait! Wait! It was a church, I mean a chapel...wait...I got it! The SIXTEEN chapel!"

Kids Thank Ms. O2B at Odie Awards!

December 17, 2010 07:36 by Kristi

We just celebrated the Annual Odie Awards - a time to honor the great work that O2B Fun Crew do all year!  Awards are handed out to employees at each location who represent the four parts of our Mission Statement:

  • Educator of the Year, awarded to the person who Touches Every Child's Life:  Tiffany Poster, Lynne Newsome, Debbie Perry, Vicki Sumner, Vesper Tierney, Elizabeth Kitchens
  • Service, awarded to the person who Discovers Every Parent's Goal:  Jill Parent, Meridith Patten, Katie Southard-Padget, Richanne Lamb, Lindsay Avery, Sarah Myers
  • Coach, awarded to the person who Makes Coworkers Successful:  Mary Greco, Marissa Mackritis, Kearron Grant, Brea Archer, Jane McNaughton, Flavia Avelino
  • Chief Fun Officer, awarded to the person who helps each of us Have Fun!  Chris Hencher, Mimi Lewis, Faith Nobles, Janet Hunt, Valerie Watkins, Jamel Sellitti

Congrats to all!  The Odies also honors one person who exemplifies all parts of the Mission Statement and who serves as a leader, mentor and teacher for us all.  This year Ms. Odie was Lieba, Director at Midtown.  Congratulations, and thank you so much for all that you do!

On the Monday after the awards ceremony, one of the after-school counselors told his group about it, and shortly after Lieba received a little stack of letters....



Tolerance Part II: Wisdom from a Child

September 23, 2010 05:46 by Kristi

One of our teachers told me that, on the Monday after the proposed 9/11 Koran burning, one of her 3 year old students came in and said with great concern:
"Why do some people not like to color?" 
"Hmmm, what do you mean?  Who doesn't like to color?”
"I don't know, but my dad had to work this weekend because he said someone was going to burn the Crayons."

Oh, how sweet young brains are!  This little guy was trying his best to understand our grown-up world, and it just didn't make any sense.

He went on to say, "They should come to school with me because then they would learn to LOVE to color!" 

What a great little problem solver!  His teacher agreed.  After all, we color everyday, and when we do we are learning about creativity, friendship, diversity, sharing, variety, boundaries, opinions, acceptance, teamwork and more.  So yes, this little guy is on to something.  Coloring and playing together can help our kids grow into responsible, respectful future citizens of our world.  And maybe grown-ups can benefit too.  Let's pick up some crayons and color together.  

Poems Inspired by a Child

September 1, 2010 05:35 by Jami

She calls into the night.
Voice too soft for daddy’s dreams,
I stumble, heart awake, to her.
“Momma,” she whispers,
“I’ve had a bad think.”

I’m shivery cold
all over myself
and covered with wee little spots.
I think the name
my mommy gives them
is something a bit like goose dots.

The place
where all
the books live
is the

Four Year Old Puzzle
I have these feelings
inside me,
but the feelings
don’t tell me
the words.

Originally published in Mother, Warrier, Pilgrim

Creative Superpowers!

May 15, 2010 09:02 by Lieba

Here come the Senior's walking through the lobby in a wobbly line, headed for the gym room.

At the end of the line are two girls, hands on their hips, waddling back and forth.
I get their attention while the others keep walking, quietly chattering.

Girls, what are you?

Eyes twinkling, they look over their shoulders and whisper to me,

"We're invisible gingerbread men!"

Spring is in the air!

April 26, 2010 09:03 by Lieba

Walking into the Junior's classroom, I hear, "Miss Lieba! Miss Lieba!" as several little girls run to me.
Two get hugs and trot away while one wants me to pick her up for a BIG hug. I reach down, scoop her up, and she says, "Guess what! I can't go outside." When I ask why not, she sighs and says, "Cause. There's just too much polish in the air."

What's in the air?

"Polish! It gets in my eyes, and my nose starts to run, and then I cough and cough and can't stop! Too much POLISH!"

I start to laugh a bit.

Polish! Of course!

Maybe the outdoors is full of polish? But not the kind that makes us feel miserable, the kind that shines us up on the inside, rubbing away the dullness we sometimes feel moving from one inside to the next.

When the sun shines through branches and makes patterns on the ground,
when flowers grow purple and red and pink and blue,
when rain falls sideways while the wind blows...

maybe it's all polish for our souls?