Your Child's Creative Brain!

May 16, 2013 10:01 by Andy

Your Child's Brain:  Part 4

Creativity is 3 Times More Important than Intelligence for Lifetime Success

In 1958, Professor E. Paul Torrance studied a group of nearly 400 Minneapolis children who completed a series of creativity tests.  For the next 50 years, scholars have tracked those children.  The conclusion:  childhood creativity is more than three times stronger than childhood IQ in predicting lifetime creative accomplishment.  

As important as this is, American creativity scores are actually falling.  The scores for children from Kindergarten through sixth grade are in the greatest decline.  This is occurring at a time when creativity is being identified as the number one leadership competency of the future. 

We must solve this creativity crisis!  Creativity is an essential part of what we do.  Our Play Village is a creativity laboratory that lets kids pretend, invent, discover and dream with friends every day! 


Part 5:

Cognitive Growth is Dependent on Emotional Health and Social Skills

According to the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University, a child’s cognitive intelligence cannot be separated from his or her social and emotional health.  Emotional well-being and social competence are the bricks and mortar that make up the foundation for cognitive abilities.  Developing a healthy balance in the early years is a prerequisite for success in school, the workplace and the community.  All future learning is dependent on this important foundation.  Relationships are critical in this process, as a child’s social and emotional health is highly impacted by relationships with family members, adult caregivers and teachers. 

At O2B Kids, our Fun Crew Teachers and Counselors are brilliant at feeding a child’s social and emotional health.  We deliver more hugs, more smiles and more friends!