Eggstravaganza 2018!

March 30, 2018 10:34 by Kelly

Around 600 people came out to O2B Kid’s Supercenter for the biggest hunt of the year!

This year, the festivities included a bounce house, dunk tank, snow cones, and even a princess! Roshelle Twymon, also known as Princess Tiana, is part of the University of Florida’s student organization, Royal for a Reason. She says her favorite part about coming to Eggstravaganza is meeting all of the kids and making them excited for the egg hunt.

Not only were the kids excited for the hunt, but they were excited for the chance to be the one person in their age group to find the golden egg! Play leaders searched high and low for the perfect spot to hide the three special eggs. Supercenter member Alyssa Billis, found the golden egg for her age group up high in the jungle gym. “I can’t believe I’m the one that found it!” said Billis.

O2B Kids Supercenter Operations Manager, Nick Weston, has been part of Eggstravaganza for the past five years.  He says his favorite part about helping put together special events like this is what the community as a whole gains from it. “Our special events gives us a chance to share what we do here with the rest of the community,” says Weston, “We have people that have never been here before, so seeing our walk wall, big toy, and everything else makes it a little more magical for them”.