If I teach...

September 28, 2010 08:36 by Lieba

If smiles could fly and laughter could soar, could they carry hope in their feathers, sprinkling it on those below?

If questions could build, and answers connect, could that bridge cover the span that separates?

If I believe I matter, that I make a difference, what would I say and do and be?

A teacher.

A teacher, a teacher, a teacher!

If I teach a teacher who teaches a child, who teaches their family, who teaches their community....

What could that community do?

Could they change the world?

Could they walk the bridge they built, then take off with wings of hope?



September 25. 2010 16:00

Love this Lieba! This is so wonderful.

Steph C

March 8. 2011 19:10

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