Learning from Gator Football

September 27, 2010 08:43 by Kristi

Our philosophy is that we learn a whole lot more when we’re having fun!  

So, what would you expect 4 year olds in the Gator Nation to be talking about during football season?  You guessed it!  Check out Ms. Valerie’s VPK room:

All of Florida’s players are on the wall and each day a new one comes down and joins the class during circle time.  They memorize his name, number and position, and then review all of the other players they’ve learned so far.  We’ve got math, letter and number recognition, reading, comprehension, memorization, and more!   The kids sure are paying attention, and must really impress their parents when they watch the game together on Saturday!  (Well, except for the one dad who’s an Alabama fan, he may wish we were doing something else!)  

Learning sure can be fun!
Go Gators!



September 25. 2010 01:40

I am so thrilled to see that this has made it to the blog! Valerie is such an awesome teacher with fantastic ideas! GO GATORS! =)

Steph C

September 25. 2010 03:36

Wow! What a really creative way to teach so many valuable skills. What I love the most is the connection that this circle time activity has to something real that the children can identify with! Football is HUGE in this community!
Two thumbs up to Ms. Valerie's VPK class!