O2B Kids Fleming Island Member = State Chess CHAMP!

March 30, 2018 09:32 by Kelly

“Checkmate”, a chess phrase that O2B Kids Fleming Island member, Eyal Farber, would say as he earns the title of State Chess Champ.

Just a year and a half before his state title championship, Eyal played his very first game of chess during an O2B Fleming Island class.

Coach Al, who teaches chess class at O2B, is Eyal’s coach and the one who taught him how to play. He says the progress Eyal has made in just only a year and a half of playing is truly remarkable.

Eyal says his favorite thing about playing chess is that it’s fun! He won five out of the five games at the competition and says, “It feels really good to be the State Champ, because I didn’t think I would win.”

Eyal says his favorite part about coming to O2B Kids is going to chess class, and he will continue to go until his dream of becoming a grandmaster at chess comes true.