Kids Thank Ms. O2B at Odie Awards!

December 17, 2010 07:36 by Kristi

We just celebrated the Annual Odie Awards - a time to honor the great work that O2B Fun Crew do all year!  Awards are handed out to employees at each location who represent the four parts of our Mission Statement:

  • Educator of the Year, awarded to the person who Touches Every Child's Life:  Tiffany Poster, Lynne Newsome, Debbie Perry, Vicki Sumner, Vesper Tierney, Elizabeth Kitchens
  • Service, awarded to the person who Discovers Every Parent's Goal:  Jill Parent, Meridith Patten, Katie Southard-Padget, Richanne Lamb, Lindsay Avery, Sarah Myers
  • Coach, awarded to the person who Makes Coworkers Successful:  Mary Greco, Marissa Mackritis, Kearron Grant, Brea Archer, Jane McNaughton, Flavia Avelino
  • Chief Fun Officer, awarded to the person who helps each of us Have Fun!  Chris Hencher, Mimi Lewis, Faith Nobles, Janet Hunt, Valerie Watkins, Jamel Sellitti

Congrats to all!  The Odies also honors one person who exemplifies all parts of the Mission Statement and who serves as a leader, mentor and teacher for us all.  This year Ms. Odie was Lieba, Director at Midtown.  Congratulations, and thank you so much for all that you do!

On the Monday after the awards ceremony, one of the after-school counselors told his group about it, and shortly after Lieba received a little stack of letters....