Science Fair Week!

March 30, 2018 10:28 by Kelly

Here at O2B Kids, “We believe in discovery”. Chances are you’ve probably heard a play leader say this, or even seen it written on our walls. That’s because this saying can be found in our manifesto… and it’s one we try to live by. This theme especially comes into play during our annual Science Fair Week!

Michah Holley is in the sophomore class at Archer Road. Not only did he do a science fair experiment on ‘How Plants Absorb Water’, but he also conducted a hypothesis, data, and a conclusion… not bad for a preschooler! Michah’s parents wanted to get in on the action by being his “lab assistants” and helped him present his project to the class.                                                                                       

“We believe in learning by doing” and “We believe in trying new things” are two more sayings that can be found in our manifesto. Not only do we live by these statements on the everyday here at O2B, but they also go perfectly hand in hand when it comes to our Science Fair Week!

Our preschoolers broke out the beakers and cylinders to conduct their very own science experiments in the classroom. While using gloves (our preschoolers practice cautionary safety measures of course), kids we asked to make a solution using food coloring dye. Declan is a senior at our preschool and with the help of his dad, Luke, his classmates got the chance to do another hands on experiment.