TED on Education

March 2, 2011 09:11 by Kristi

Now here’s an idea worth spreading…. TED is going to focus on education.  Wow that’s exciting!  TED.com is the place to go for inspiration.  It is the place where great minds of the world have 18 minutes to share an idea that will inspire, energize or change the world.  It is a place of tremendous curiosity, power, creativity, and genius.  These people love what they do.  And when someone loves what they do, and has 18 minutes to share that passion with us, it can be magic. 

There have been tremendously inspiring TED talks about education over the years.  Now, TED is announcing TED-ED.  Very exciting!  Great minds working together on one topic – the one we care about the most – will certainly generate debate and energy and attention and a productive focus on education that is much needed.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with!  Check it out:  http://education.ted.com/


June 26. 2011 17:48

My challenge to you is to watch a TED video a week. It will make you a better artist and more importantly, a better human.

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