Your Child's Brain - Part 1

April 4, 2013 06:14 by Andy

Research from the fields of neuroscience, molecular biology, genomics and child development provide amazing evidence into how children learn and grow. We have identified six insights that help define the education philosophy at O2B Kids. While our programs may look like high-octane FUN, there’s science – and a whole lot of benefit – behind what we do!

1. 85% - 90% of a Person’s Brain is Wired in the First Five Years of Life

In the first few years of life, 700 new neural connections are formed in the brain every second – every second!!! – through the interactive influences of genes and a child’s experiences. This process creates a foundation that determines a child’s lifelong ability to learn, to relate to others, to be productive in the work place, and to be fully engaged citizens.

At O2B Kids, our Nationally Accredited Preschool, Brighter Babies and Morning Magic Play Groups, Program Calendar Classes and Play Village experiences stimulate a child’s sensory, language and cognitive brain functions and provide a foundation for lifelong learning.