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Ballet 1

Class Name: Ballet 1
Subject: Dance
Age Groups: 6-7 yrs old
Fees: Included in Package
Day & Times:

Thursday3:30 PM - 4:30 PMDance StudioSummer

Location: Fleming Island

This class is focused on body placement, flexibility, alignment, stretching & technique.

 Monday Listen to your favorite music and DANCE for 20 minutes
 Tuesday Strengthen your body:  10 push ups, 10 sit ups, 10 squats and repeat this three times
 Wednesday Listen to your favorite music and clap and count to the rhythm
 Thursday Improve your flexibility:  Complete your class warm-up three times
 Friday Strengthen your heart with 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise:  Run outside around your house, ride your bike, swim laps, or jump rope
 Saturday Balance a book on your head and practice walking until you can walk around your entire home
 Sunday Practice in the mirror:  All positions and all barre skills

Waiting List

When a class reaches its maximum enrollment, you may choose to put your child on the waiting list for that class. If space becomes available, the children on the waiting list will be invited to join the class via email or phone.


Attendance is critical to stay current with class progress. If a child has missed two consecutive classes, their teacher will email you or call home to check on interest in the class. If your teacher does not hear from you by the next class, your child may be dropped from the class to make room for those on the waiting list.

5 Minute Rule

Students are not able to join class 5 minutes after its start time. This insures that all children are present for class instructions and are safely warmed up (if applicable). To provide high quality instruction, please be on time.