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Boys Gymnastics

Class Name: Boys Gymnastics
Subject: Gymnastics
Age Groups: 8-13 yrs old
Fees: Included in Package
Day & Times:

Tuesday5:00 PM - 5:45 PMGymSummer

Location: Fleming Island

A school age gymnastics class focusing on male gymnastics events. Building strength, coordination, and confidence.

Monday Get moving. Take a jog, ride a bike, swim for 20 minutes
Tuesday Strengthen your body:  10 push ups, 10 sit ups, 10 squats and repeat this three times 
Wednesday Listen to your favorite music and clap and count to the rhythm 
Thursday Improve your flexibility:  Complete your class warm-up three times
Friday Strengthen your heart with 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise:  Run outside around your house, ride your bike, swim laps, or jump rope
Saturday Balance a book on your head and practice walking until you can walk around your entire home
Sunday Practice in the mirror:  Watch yourself do a skill you learned in class.
Dress Code Students must be dressed appropriately to participate in class. Girls -Leotard, soffee shorts (optional), hair tied back, bare feet. Boys- Black gym shorts (no pockets, belt loops, buttons) and t-shirt (tucked in), bare feet
5 Minute Rule Students must be present within the first 5 minutes of class to participate. 
Respect Others Students are asked to listen and respect others at all times and may be asked to take a break from class if needed. 
Have FUN! Always remember that having fun is the best way to learn!