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What is O2B Kids?

O2B Kids is an Edutainment Company! We offer Preschool education programs for children 0 to 5 years old, Afterschool enrichment programs for elementary school students, and an unprecedented Family Membership Program for all kids 0 to 13 years old.  

At our Supercenter Locations in Ganiesville, Fleming Island, Oviedo and Altamonte Springs, we provide classes in karate, gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, music, drama, art, science, technology, sports, languages, and more.  We also offer Birthday Parties, Homeschool, Parent Night Out, Play Groups, Field Trips, General Admission and unlimited free play in our amazing Play Village & Outdoor Playgrounds!  While kids experiment with our rich variety of activities and discover their passions, parents enjoy unrivaled convenience and value. 

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Core Purpose

O2B Kids is a place that opens minds, improves self-confidence, develops social skills, and strengthens bodies.  O2B Kids helps children discover hidden talents and promotes a passion for discovery.  Friendships are developed and life lessons are learned.  O2B Kids encourages kids to try new things and teaches a respect for people, property, and ideas.  O2B Kids is a family’s partner.  We willingly participate in the care and development of every child.  We believe in a united community and promote the interdependence of our world.  O2B Kids is a place for our staff to find passionate work, challenging personal growth, and lifelong friendships.  As an organization, we strive to positively impact every community we serve.  Parents are amazed at the variety, value, and quality of our programs and staff.  Kids love every visit.  Everyday, we make people better!


1. Touch Every Child's Life!
2. Discover Every Parent's Goal!
3. Make Your Co-Workers Successful!
4. Have FUN!