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Health & Safety

Food Service

Lunch and snacks are included in the weekly tuition for full-time and part-time children, and are served to all children in attendance when lunch and snacks are served.  If you prefer, you may choose to provide your own meals.  Menus are posted on a monthly basis.  

Many of our locations participate in the USDA Child Care Food Program. For more information about the program, including the Nondiscrimination Policy, take a look at the Child Care Food Program website

Sample Lunch and Snack Menu

Menus include nutritious foods representative of a variety of cultures.  Sample lunches served:

  • Monday: Chicken & Waffles or Hamburger Pockets, Apple Sauce, Green Beans, Milk
  • Tuesday:  BBQ Meatballs or Mini Corn Dogs, Bananas, Carrots, Milk
  • Wednesday: Turkey Potroast or Teriyaki Chicken, Pineapple, Peas, Milk
  • Thursday: Chicken Alfredo or Shepards Pie, Peaches, Broccoli, Milk
  • Friday: Taco Salad or Bean & Cheese Burrito, Oranges, Corn, Milk

All snacks are served with juice or water.  Sample snacks served:

  • Vanilla wafers, Pita & Hummus, Low Fat Yogurt, Bananas, Pears, String Cheese, Pretzels, Chex Mix, Animal Crackers, Applesauce

If your child requires alternate foods for reason of allergies or other special nutritional needs, we ask you to provide the substitute foods for your child.  Food is stored on site following Health Department guidelines and must be labeled with your child’s first and last name.  Some parents enjoy bringing in special snacks for the class, especially for birthday celebrations.  If you wish to do so, please keep in mind that all food shared among children must be commercially prepared or prepared in a kitchen that is inspected by local health officials.


O2B Kids College reserves the right to temporarily deny any child admittance to the facility for reasons of obvious or perceived illness, or to request early departure should symptoms become apparent during the course of the day.  Children are observed on a daily basis for signs of communicable disease. Children that are experiencing any of the following symptoms will be sent home:

  • Severe coughing, causing a child to become red or blue in the face or to make a whooping sound
  • Difficult or rapid breathing
  • Stiff neck
  • Diarrhea – more than one abnormally loose stool within a 24 hour period
  • Temperature of 101°F or higher when in conjunction with any other signs of illness
  • Pink eye
  • Exposed, open skin lesions
  • Unusually dark urine and/or gray or white stool
  • Yellowish skin or eyes
  • Any other unusual sign or symptom of illness

Parents will be contacted if a child becomes ill, and the child will be cared for in an isolated sick area until picked-up.  If we send your child home for health reasons, he/she may not return without medical authorization or until the signs and symptoms of the disease are no longer present.


If your child is well enough to attend O2B Kids College but is still in need of medication, parents must sign an Administration of Medication Form and supply a doctor’s note to the front desk before O2B Kids College personnel can administer any over the counter or prescription medication.  All medication must be in its original container and prescription medication must be labeled with child’s name, current date, proper dosage (amount, frequency, and duration), and doctor’s name. 


Biting is a difficult behavior to handle in a group setting.  Some situations are preventable, yet some happen so quickly and without warning that they are not preventable.  Every effort will be made to work with the parents to modify the behavior.  We work with all families involved to try and create a plan for success.  If biting becomes excessive, the parents may be asked to remove the child from the school.

Major Behavior Problems

Not all children thrive in a group setting.  If a child is behaving in an aggressive, violent way that threatens the safety of the other children, the parents may be asked to remove the child from the school.  Every effort will be made to work with the parents to reach the best solution possible.

Emergency Procedures

There are always staff members on-site who have certification in CPR and First Aid who can provide immediate treatment to an injured child.  We also schedule and carry out emergency evacuation drills to prepare both staff and children for any emergency.  In the event of an accident or medical emergency, we make every effort to contact you or your designated emergency contact.  If we cannot reach you or your emergency contacts, and it is determined necessary by emergency medical personnel that an ambulance and/or hospitalization is required, parents will be responsible for any charges incurred.

Classroom Security

All classrooms are video monitored and recorded with cameras in each classroom.  Parents can view this live-action video at the Reception Desk.  Additionally, each classroom has oversized windows in the hallway that allow parents and staff to monitor classroom activity at all times.

Staff Security

All staff members are fingerprinted and have criminal background checks completed at the local, state, and federal levels.  O2B Kids is a drug-free workplace.  Staff members are also certified in CPR and First Aid.

Child Abuse Reporting Requirements

Every staff member is required by law to report any suspicion of neglect or abuse.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Director immediately.

Child Accident Procedures

Teachers record any time they observe an injury or unusual marking on a student.  In addition, incident/accident reports are filled out after any occurrence a teacher becomes aware of throughout the course of the day.  Those reports are filed at the front desk and the parent is asked to sign each report.  The reports are then stored in the child’s student file.  If an incident/accident occurs that warrants medical attention, the parent or guardian is called immediately and informed of the situation.  In the case of an emergency, the teacher calls 9-1-1 and the parent is notified by the director.

No Smoking

O2B Kids is a non-smoking facility.

Positive Discipline

We strongly believe that positive discipline begins well before a child’s behavior ever exceeds acceptable limits.  From the onset, age-appropriate behaviors are identified and clearly communicated.  Teachers discuss sharing, taking turns, and appropriate play limits with each child.  It is essential that we maintain an environment that encourages children to explore, take risks, and make mistakes that are so vital in the learning process.  To do this, a teacher’s priority becomes “catching each child doing something good,” and then praising that effort with smiles, hugs, and attention.  A teacher’s job also consists of identifying potential trouble spots and eliminating them.  With proactive planning and communication on a daily basis, we try to instill a positive sense of responsibility and accountability in each child.  Clear limits give children confidence, and allow them to successfully interact in the classroom environment.

When inappropriate behavior does occur, it is important for a child to know why that behavior is inappropriate.  The teacher immediately communicates to the child and redirects that behavior in a positive direction.  These communications are handled respectfully and firmly, and are NEVER intended to embarrass or belittle a child.  Specific behaviors are identified as inappropriate, never the child him/herself.  This approach will affirm the value of each individual child.  O2B Kids College will NOT permit and will NOT use any abusive disciplinary actions including but not limited to spanking, grabbing, shaking, yelling or embarrassing a child.