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Category: Character Connections!
Date: Tuesday, October 27, 2015
Source:www.values.com, www.learningtogive.org

Every Tuesday and Thursday for the last thirty years, Albert Lexie has left his home at 5:50 in the morning to travel ninety minutes by bus to the Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh, so he can shine shoes in the hospital’s lobby. He uses the very same shoeshine box he built in high school shop class when he was only fifteen years old. Albert charges $3 per shine and donates all his tips to the Children's Free Care Fund, which ensures that all children receive medical care, regardless of a family's financial ability to pay for it.

Since 1981, Albert has donated over $100,000 of his hard-earned tips to the Children’s hospital. His annual income is only about $10,000 and he donates approximately $10,000 a year to the hospital.

Here are some suggestions to do at home with your kids to talk more about being a charitable person:
•identify individuals from history as philanthropists.
•define philanthropy as giving time, talent, and treasure for the common good.
•define caring.
•write an acrostic using the word caring.
•state that any individual can demonstrate caring through performing acts of kindness.
•design a bookmark.
•reflect on the caring work and words of Mother Teresa.
•brainstorm ideas for acts of caring.
•select their favorite ideas from the brainstormed list.
•work in groups to make a plan for carrying out an act of kindness and caring. 
•write about the impact of a small act and make a plan for a future act of caring.

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