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Grown-Ups' Funanigans Archives

Funanigans Description Date Image Category
He wishes... Undercover Undergarments 9/25/2011 He wishes... Quotables!
Pink Eye vs. Black Eye 9/24/2011 Pink Eye Quotables!
Happy Birthday! Hello 7! 9/23/2011 Happy Birthday! Quotables!
Guy Time Just the Boys 9/22/2011 Guy Time Quotables!
Cow or Pig? Chillax! 9/3/2011 Cow or Pig? Quotables!
Chuckee Chuckle Easy Cheesey 9/1/2011 Chuckee Chuckle Quotables!
Broken Lamp Irreplacable Moments 8/16/2011 Broken Lamp Quotables!
Funny Phrases A Good Laugh 7/22/2011 Funny Phrases Quotables!
Egg Shells Don't Choke! 7/5/2011 Egg Shells Quotables!
A Way with Words Compliment Shompliment 6/29/2011 A Way with Words Quotables!
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