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New Child Orientation

There are several things you can do to make your child’s transition to a new school easier.  Consistency is key!  We work hard to accommodate all family schedules; however, we encourage every parent to make a plan to try to drop-off and pick-up at the same time each day if possible.  In addition, make your goodbye routine the same each day.  This lets your child know what to expect.  It is our goal to make your child as successful as possible as soon as possible.  Sometimes a comfort toy or blanket can help a child transition easier.  Please see your child’s teacher for any further recommendations to your child’s specific needs.  We are here for YOU!

Check-In / Check-Out Procedures

You must check-in at the Reception Desk on every visit to the center.  When dropping-off or picking-up a child, our receptionist will enter your child into our computer attendance program.  We also ask that you sign the Parents Log on each visit. We ask that you accompany your child into the classroom each day.  This allows you to briefly communicate with your child’s teacher, convey any pertinent information, and learn about the day’s plans.  It also provides a consistent, comfortable “good-bye” location for you and your child. Early or late in the day, when the center’s attendance is low, children may gather in one classroom before they move on to their “regular” room.  You will be notified of any room change when you check-in or out at the Reception Desk.

What To Bring To School

Please label all items with your child’s name.

  • Extra change of clothes (socks, underwear, shirt, pants, etc..) in a plastic bag
  • Diapers / Wipes (1 and 2 Year olds only).  O2B Kids College can provide diapers and wipes, 5 each for $5.
  • Sippy Cup (1 year olds only)
  • Bottles/Pacifiers (Infants and 1 year olds only)
  • Small Pillow & Blanket for nap time
  • Quiet Bed-Time Buddy is optional 
  • Any additional items will be specified by your child’s teacher.


Your child should come dressed for FUN.  Comfortable clothes that give your child the freedom to run, jump, climb, paint, and paste are best.  Indoor and outdoor play is a part of every day, and on occasion, your child will get dirty.  Washable play clothes are highly recommended.  Tennis shoes or soft-soled shoes are the safest.  On cool days, please dress your child in layers so they can comfortably adjust to cool mornings and warmer afternoons.  Please put your child’s name or initials on every piece of clothing.  We will make every effort to protect your child’s clothing, but O2B Kids is not responsible for lost or damaged clothing.