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Parent Involvement

 Parent Communication

We make every effort to keep you informed of your child’s daily schedule, special achievements, occasional challenges, and general progress.  This is communicated in many ways.  Besides the daily interaction that occurs during child drop-off and pick-up, each classroom posts a daily activity schedule for your review.  Toddlers and two-year-olds receive a daily activity sheet communicating daily events.  Three, four, and five-year-olds receive a daily or weekly activity sheet, unless more frequent communication is necessary.  Parent-teacher conferences can be scheduled at any time, and the Director is always available to speak to you. 

Open Door Policy

We invite you to visit your child, unannounced, at any time.  Come join him/her for lunch, snack, or just to say hi.If you would like to participate in class activities, we always welcome the help.  Please make advance arrangements with the Lead Teacher in your child’s class so they can plan accordingly to take advantage of your special assistance.When you visit, your child’s teacher may have a moment to speak with you briefly.  However, since their primary focus is the care and enrichment of the children, extended conversations or conferences must be scheduled in advance.

News from Home

We encourage you to communicate to your child’s teacher or the facility director any special news from home that may impact a child’s behavior, attitude, or energy level.  A new puppy, a scary dream, or a family emergency can impact your child’s behavior both positively and negatively.  Awareness of these joys and challenges allows your child’s teacher to share the exciting experience or provide the loving attention your child needs.

O2B Kind

O2B Kids is proud to be an active part of the community.  O2B Kind is a continuing charity campaign with a primary focus on children in need.  Throughout the year, you may notice several different charity drives such as Literacy Drive, Toys for Tots, and Safety Drive being conducted in our front lobby or at off-site events.  Please get involved!  We want our students to learn the importance of generosity and consideration of those less fortunate.

Conflict Resolution Policy

If there is ever a grievance you wish to have resolved, please see your child’s lead teacher to set up a meeting time to discuss any conflicts.  If you feel that further measures should be taken, your Director is also available for conferencing.  Any further questions can be resolved from a supervisor in our Business Office at 352-338-9660.

Community Social Services

Our schools are contracted with the Early Learning Coalition of Alachua County and Episcopal Children's Services in Clay County.  These agencies are a fantastic resource for families in our school.  Tuition subsidies are available for families who qualify.  In addition, the agency provides many resources to create healthy families including health care services and assistance with basic and emergency family needs.  We encourage you to inquire at our front desk if you are interested, or contact them directly.

Parent Conferences

Conferences with the Director or your child’s teacher will be held at least twice a year and at other times as needed to discuss your child’s individual needs, progress, and accomplishments.  We encourage you to set up a conference right away to communicate your goals for your child’s education at O2B Kids.

Parent Evaluations

WE VALUE YOUR FEEDBACK!  Our school conducts parent surveys at least twice a year to identify the center’s strength and weaknesses.  Please help us and be involved in this process!  In addition you will find a “Comment Box” at the front lobby which can be utilized any time you see fit!  Finally, please take advantage of our open-door policy and visit with a Director at your convenience.

Parent Involvement

We invite all parents to share their culture, traditions, skills, talents, and time with our classrooms.  We encourage special visits and donations during all times of the year.  Also, if you are employed with or involved in any area businesses that are interested in donating goods or services for the betterment of our schools, please see your child’s teacher.  Harvest Hoe Down, Sweet Heart Day, and International Night are some of our Parent Involvement events throughout the year.