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Welcome to the New Learning Playground!

O2B Kids is Everything.  It's a smile.  It's a laugh.  It's family togetherness.  It's a child's discovery.  It's a place for kids to sing, dance, run and play.  It's a place for parents to relax and marvel.  It's ever-changing and it's always FUN.  It's the new learning playground for kids...and you're invited to join us today!

One Stop Shopping

Today’s families are busy!  Dance, music, karate, and gymnastics classes, private tutoring, sport teams, scouts, fundraising drives, school clubs and special events all compete with leaving work, shuttling other siblings, and running family errands.  In many households, the dinner hour has shifted to a “whenever-it-fits-in” schedule.  Why do we attempt to manage this challenging schedule?  Because these activities have value!  They are intended to “better” our children.  They make our kids smarter and stronger and more confident.  They provide social and emotional enhancement.  And most importantly, our kids LOVE them!

O2B Kids provides as many of these classes, clubs, and lessons as possible in ONE LOCATION for the convenience of parents and for the benefit of their children.  This allows children to experiment with a wide variety of activities first hand, rather than picking the one or two things that may have simply fit best into a parent’s busy taxi schedule.   More importantly, we offer these events for ONE PRICE within our Family Membership.  This combination of program scope and pricing is unparalleled.  For today’s busy families, the convenience is unprecedented.  Welcome to the wonderfully diverse world of opportunity for kids, in one wonderful place!

Program Calendar Classes

Our Program Calendar classes are the magical link to the development of self-esteem, social skills, physical fitness, personal discipline, and respectful behavior in every child.  And it's FUN!  These classrooms host an endless variety of classes, clinics, camps, workshops, and apprenticing programs for children thirteen years old and younger.

Beforeschool, Afterschool & Summer Camp

Every elementary school child who wants to investigate the mysteries of science, make a movie, paint a picture, sing a song, write a story, explore the Internet, plant a garden, build a rocket, dance on stage, dunk a basketball, laugh, learn, or play everyday with their friends will love O2B Beforeschool, Afterschool & Summer Camp.


Our School is Cool!  Where else can your preschool child play Picasso in the Art Studio, bang with Beethoven in our Musical Theater, and jump like Jordan in our indoor Gym - all in one, safe place?  Our goal is simple - to instill the love for learning in every child.  Our incredible learning centers, custom curriculum, and dedicated teachers are the secret ingredients to the greatest school on earth.  We invite you to join our educational journey!

Play Village Neighborhood Time

Our Play Village provides a safe neighborhood for today's kids.  Whether it's dressing up in the Costume Corner, racing through the Big Toy, constructing a bridge in Building Things, exploding volcanoes in the Science Lab, or creating a masterpiece in the Art Studio, kids let their imaginations run wild in the Play Village.  They develop amazing friendships and learn lessons that last a lifetime.

Our programs vary a bit at each location, so please feel free to contact the location nearest you to find out more about programs and prices!