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Terms of Use

We have two rules at O2B Kids: 
1.  Respect Others
2.  Have Fun!
Those rules hold true on our website as well.


Remember, O2B Kids exists to help kids become responsible, respectful future citizens of our world.  Please enjoy the site with this in mind. 

If you choose to join our conversations or Think Purple Posts, please engage in a reasoned exchange of thoughts and ideas, and avoid name-calling, obscenities, insults, or other things that we don’t want to teach our kids.   Playfulness, of course, is welcome! 

Respect the law.  Do not post copyrighted material (unless you own the copyright) or attempt to engage in illegal behavior of any sort.

O2B Kids reserves the right to remove any comments or content from the site, for any reason and without prior notice.

You may choose to provide basic contact information for our Think Purple Posts, but that is entirely up to you!  Once you do, that information may be displayed on the webpage. 

You may choose to provide basic contact information for our Newsletter, and again, this is entirely up to you!  Your contact information will not be sold or shared with others.  It will be used to send you information about the company, the industry, events, great ideas, good news, or other things we hope you like.  You may choose to stop receiving the Newsletter any time.  We have taken all reasonable steps to protect your contact information. 

Our goal is to make O2BKids.com the best site it can be.  We may gather information from you so that we know what you like, and what needs to change. 

Although any information you share on the site will be protected, we may share any such information with law enforcement officers if deemed necessary. 

Our site may include links to other websites.  We obviously can’t control the content of those websites, so please connect to or use those sites at your own discretion. 

Pictures of children and staff of O2B Kids are the property of O2B Kids, and may not be used or duplicated without express written permission from the company. 

If you violate these terms, or otherwise act disrespectfully, disruptively or illegally on o2bkids.com, we reserve the right to terminate your participation, at any time, and without prior notice.

Thank you.  And now, please enjoy!