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About Gymnastics

Classes Encouraging Activity and Confidence Building

Gymnastics is a fantastic sport for every child! with a focus on the fundamentals, our recreational gymnastics classes teach USAG-leveled introductory skills on the balance beam uneven bars, vault, floor, pommel horse, parallel bars and rings. as children advance through our development program, they will build strength, gain flexibility, improve coordination, develop discipline and learn to set goals. Our fun, safe environment is the perfect place to introduce your child to this wonderful activity. Get ready for a learn to set goals.


Our developmental program offers parent & child classes for toddlers, PreGym classes for preschool kids, and a Developmental program for school-age children
Gym 1

Gym 1

6-13 year olds

Gymnastics 1 is our introductory gymnastics class for both boys and girls in Kindergarten through 13 years old! This class works on building strength and flexibility while working through gymnastics events. Skills are presented whole group and children are given the opportunity to work one on one with their coach each week.



2-3 year olds

A parent/child gymnastics class where you will get the oppertunity to see your child grow and learn. we will work on beginning gymnastics skills while teaching safty skills for parent and child learn how to spot your child through a forward roll or teach them how to count to three before jumping! Come ready to play and have fun together



3-5 year olds

Pregym is a beginning level gymnastics class for preschool aged children. In Pregym, kids will be introduced to the four main gymnastics events- Floor, Bars, Beam, and Vault. They will progress through their gymnastics skills while building strength, stamina, confidence, enhancing their listening skills and having lots of fun!

Gym 2

Gym 2

6-13 year olds

A second level gymnastics class for our more advanced school age Gymnasts! A higher level of focus is required as we dive into more advanced skills! In this class we will cover USAG Level 2 and 3 skills on Floor, Bars, Beam, and Vault. A mastery of Level 1 skills, a safety mindset, and determination to learn new skills, are requirements for this class.

Boys Gym

Boys Gym

6-13 year olds

A second level class for boys that have completed or tested out of Gymnastics 1. This class takes a more in-depth look at the traditional Male Only gymnastics events, pommel horse, parallel bars, and rings as well as continuing on vault and floor skills. A firm grasp on level 1 skills, a safety mindset, and determination to learn new skills are requirements for this class.



6-13 year olds

A gymnastics class focused on floor and tumbling skills. Great for a child interested in improving strength and flexibility for gymnastics or cheerleading

Gymnastics Skills

Your child will be trying many new things during our Gymnastics classes


  1. Aerial
  2. Back Extension Roll
  3. Back Handspring
  4. Back Kick Over
  5. Back Walk Over
  6. Backbend
  7. Backward Roll
  8. Body Positions
  9. Bridge
  10. CandleStick
  11. Cartwheel
  12. Dive Roll
  13. Forward Roll
  14. Front Handspring
  15. Front Limber
  16. Front WalkOver
  17. Handstand
  18. Jumps
  19. Log Roll
  20. Monkey Jump
  21. Round Off
  22. Split
  23. Table


  1. Back Hip Circle
  2. Basket Hang
  3. Cast
  4. Casting Dismount
  5. Chin to Bar
  6. Forward Roll
  7. Forward Roll Dismount
  8. Front Support
  9. Glide and Return
  10. Grip Eagle
  11. Inverted Hangs
  12. Jump and Grip
  13. Opossum Hang
  14. Over Grip
  15. Pike Hang
  16. Pull Over
  17. Pull Up
  18. Single Knee Uprise
  19. Sole Circle Dismount
  20. Straddle Hang
  21. Stride Support
  22. Swing Re-Grip
  23. Under Grip


  1. Arabesque
  2. Balance
  3. Bear Walk
  4. Bunny Hops
  5. Chasse
  6. Coupe Turns
  7. Dip Steps
  8. Forward Roll
  9. High Kicks
  10. Jumps
  11. Knee Scale
  12. Leg Swing
  13. March Steps
  14. Pivot Turn
  15. Releve Walks
  16. Skips
  17. Spotting
  18. Straddle Mount
  19. Teeter Totter
  20. Tuck Jump Dismount
  21. V Sit
  22. Walking


  1. 1/2 Turn Vault
  2. Dive Rolls
  3. Dolphin Kicks
  4. Donkey Kicks
  5. Front Handspring
  6. Hand Placement
  7. Handstand Flatback
  8. Hurdle
  9. Knees on Vault
  10. Pike Dismount
  11. Proper Approach
  12. Proper Run
  13. Safe Landing
  14. Springboard Jumps
  15. Squat Jump
  16. Squat Through
  17. Straddle Dismount
  18. Straddle On
  19. Straddle Over
  20. Straight Jump Dismount
  21. Trampoline Jumps
  22. Tuck Jump Dismount

Your Daily Class Schedule

A Class structure Designed for Success

Gymnastics classes are 40 minutes for toddlers and preschoolers and 50 minutes for schools-children
  • 3-5 Minutes


  • 5 Minutes


  • 5 minutes

    Cardio Circuit

  • 8-10 Minutes

    Focus Skills

  • 5 minutes

    Strength circuit

  • 8-10 Minutes

    Focus Skills

  • 3-5 Minutes


  • 3-5 Minutes


Benefits of Gymnastics Education

Building our Brains, Bodies, and Social Bonds!

Learning Mindset
Problem Solving
Physical Toughness
Healthy Habits
Goal Oriented
Social Connection

Jump off the beam, flip off the bars, follow your dreams and reach for the stars.

Nadia Comanci

Class Rules

Dress Code

Students must be dressed appropriately to participate in class.

  • Girls- Leotard (with or without shorts), hair tied back, bare feet
  • Boys-Gym shorts (no buttons, zippers, or pockets) and a t-shirt tucked-in, hair pulled back, bare feet.

5 Minute Rule

Students must be present within the first 5 minutes of class to participate

Respect Others

Students are asked to listen and respect others at all times.

Have FUN!

We always remember that having fun is the best way to learn!

We hope to see you soon!

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