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A Graduation to Remember!

This year our Preschool Graduations were different. We weren't sure how to make them memorable for our students and families but KNEW that we just had to! They had all…

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Meet Jessi

Jessica (Jessi) is a big sister to two of our past VPK students. She started volunteering at Village South 6 years ago. Her father brought her to her little brothers…

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Shake the Ground

Our Oviedo and Supercenter students recently competed at Shake the Ground in Orlando! We are SO very proud of all our team members and loved seeing them shine on stage.…

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O2B Grateful!

It’s times like these, when the going gets tough, that the tough JUST GET GOING. Our families have sprung into action to provide essential services for those in need. While…

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Every Day We Should PLAY!

Our Directors from Georgia were passing through Gainesville. They decided to stop at our Alachua Location to visit and most importantly, to PLAY! It's moments like these that we're reminded…

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Happy Birthday Trevor!

Trevor is our UPS man at the Fleming Island Location! Our crew decided that on his birthday he needed to be recognized. This was a little moment for us, that…

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When You SAY Nothing at All!

Lily Rivera is currently employed at our Fleming Island Location. She started there as a child herself many years ago. She has blossomed into a fine young lady who has…

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Little Chefs!

Mr. Chris at our Supercenter location hosts a cooking class every Friday in his Afterschool Group. Every Friday is a different lesson, learning opportunity and experience for his children. Recently…

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Making a difference through Girl Scouting!

Our O2B Girl Scout Troop recently participated in a Camporee! They learned basic life and problem solving skills! Together they learned how to pitch a tent, make a fire, tie…

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Making A Difference in Your Community

Erin is currently a Santa Fe High School Senior. She was recently awarded the Turkey Creek Lions Club Honor Student of the Quarter. She was recognized especially for demonstrating excellence…

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