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School’s Out and it’s Time to PLAY!

O2B Summer Camp offers FUN first to every child every day, but rest assured that your child’s learning will never stop. Our integrated activity approach offers unprecedented variety in subjects such as Art, Science, Technology and Sports. Add in Neighborhood Time, Team-Building Fun and weekly Themed Events…and this will be a summer your child will remember forever!

Wonderful, Wacky, Weekly Themes!

Our 2021 Summer Camp themes add exciting variety and adventure to your child’s summertime experience. Let the games begin!

O2B Kids


May 31 - June 4

  • Animal Creations
  • Jungle Fun
  • Scavenger Hunt
O2B Kids

Gettin’ Dirty

June 7 - 11

  • Paint
  • Goo
  • Slime
O2B Kids

A Galaxy Far, Far Away

June 14 - 18

  • Stars
  • Rockets
  • Space
O2B Kids

Extreme Games

June 21 - 25

  • Teams
  • Relays
  • Medals
O2B Kids

World of Building

June 28 - July 2

  • Legos & Blocks
  • Architecture
  • Forts & More
O2B Kids

Everyday’s a Holiday

July 6 - 9

  • Parties
  • Crafts
  • Decorations
O2B Kids


July 12 - 16

  • Costumes
  • Powers
  • Sidekicks
O2B Kids

Time Machine

July 19 - 23

  • Prehistoric
  • Hippie Time
  • Back to the Future
O2B Kids


July 26 - 30

  • Obstacle Adventure
  • Water Play
  • Team Challenges
O2B Kids

Blow It Up

August 2 - 6

  • Volcanos
  • Towers
  • Dance Party
O2B Kids

Aloha Luau

August 9 - 13

  • It’s Hula Time
  • Create a Feast
  • Hawaiian Games & Culture

Boredom Free Zone

Fun-Filled Internal Field Trips

During a traditional summer, we keep the fun rolling (literally) with phenomenal Field Trips to local attractions and theme parks. This year, to keep our kids extra safe, we're not leaving the building for Field Trips...but we're recreating these exciting adventures INSIDE our buildings! Water days, ice cream trucks, magicians, movies and outside adventures will fill our summer and bring added joy to your kids!





Water Play




Historical Landmarks

And more!

Friend-Friendly Scheduling

If You Have a Friend…You're Gonna Have Fun!

To make your child’s week a successful experience, we keep friends together and organize our kids into small groups by age and interest area led by the same Counselor each day. This approach helps your child build strong relationships and a team mindset so critical for social development. While schedules vary by group, check out our sample schedule below.
  • 7:00am

    Early Drop-Off

  • 9:00am

    Morning Meet-Up

  • 9:45am


  • 10:15am

    Internal Field Trip

  • 12:30pm


  • 1:30pm

    Weekly Theme Activity

  • 2:15pm

    Camper's Choice

  • 3:00pm


  • 3:30pm

    Neighborhood Time

  • 4:15pm

    Weekly Theme Activity

  • 5:00pm

    Camper's Choice

Neighborhood Time

Neighborhood Time gives kids a choice of things to do – just as they would experience in a safe neighborhood of yester-year! Choices vary by day but may include Specialty Classes, Play Village fun, outdoor sports or counselor-led adventures. This provides crucial time for your child to explore, make choices, develop friendships and gain independence. Our Counselors are stationed in zones to facilitate safe play.

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Play Village Rooms

Big Toy

Book Nook

Building Things

Mind Gym

Hollywood Hangout

Rock Room

Play Cafe

Play Market

Word Find

It Takes Two

Toddler Play

Science Lab

Art Studio

Tech Lab


Dance Studio

Karate Dojo

Gymnastics Academy


Phenomenal Friends, Fun & Field Trips

Summer Camp Awesomeness

Join us for a Week or Two…or Better Yet, All Summer Long! We’d Love to Have You Join in on the FUN!

O2BKids O2BKids O2BKids

Safe Transportation

Our most important job is to keep your child safe. When we’re out on a Field Trip, we do our very best to make sure our Drivers and Vehicles are safely ready for the road.

O2B Kids

Safe Drivers

O2B Kids

Safe Vehicles

Safe Drivers

  • Trained and Certified Bus Drivers
  • Active CDL License with Appropriate Endorsements
  • Regular License Check
  • DOT Physicals
  • Pre-Employment Drug Test
  • Random Drug Test
  • CPR and First Aid Certified
  • 25 Years Old or Older
  • Annual Training Requirements

Safe Vehicles

  • Annual DOT Inspections
  • Quarterly Preventative Maintenance
  • Daily Cleaning Checklist
  • Pre-Trip Inspections
  • Fire Extinguisher Onboard
  • First Aid Kit Onboard

Safe Policies

  • Roll Taken When Kids Enter Vehicle
  • Roll Taken When Kids Exit Vehicle
  • Driver Visual & Physical Inspection of Vehicle Upon Child Exit
  • Supervisor Visual & Physical Inspection of Vehicle Upon Child Exit
  • Vehicle Inspection & Child Accountability Log
  • Field Trip Manifest Used to Plan Trips


Do you provide lunch?

You can bring a lunch from home, or purchase a prepaid lunch from us for only $5. Prepaid lunches include a sandwich, wrap or hot dog, chips, low fat milk, cookie and drink.

How do I know what field trips my child will go on?

Most facilities will have a field trip schedule printed at the front desk. Please take a copy. We also post trips on parent boards and at our Camp desk. Typically we will also post on our Facebook pages and message through Honeycomb. Please check frequently for updates, as weather may change our plan from time to time.

Does my child have to go on the field trip?

We prefer that all children go on the field trip. We take time to plan fun and engaging trips so that children have a great time and enjoy some variety weekly. If there is a reason why your child should not attend a trip (e.g. doctor appointment, allergies, etc.) please let us know at check-in.

Can I choose my weeks?

YES! Our Summer Camp is a week-to-week program. We prefer for you to pre-register for as many weeks as you think you’ll attend. It’s helpful for staffing and planning purposes.

What age can my child begin attending?

We welcome all kids entering 1st grade through 8th grade. If your child just finished VPK and are interested in joining us for Camp, we have a Kindergarten Camp option that we invite you to try.

What time is drop-off and pick-up?

For your convenience, we offer early drop-off and late pick-up at our facilities. Please see our Location page for your location's hours of operations.
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