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Virtual Learning Lab

If you’ve chosen to participate in your child’s Public School digital learning option, O2B Kids is offering an on-site Virtual Learning Lab to support your child at O2B Kids. While your children are being taught by their Public School teachers, our educators will provide academic support, answer questions and help your kids stay motivated & on-track with their school assignments...all in a safe and positive learning environment.

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Digital School

Each child will follow their Public School’s digital learning program. O2B Kids Counselors will help children navigate the program, troubleshoot technology issues, answer questions and keep children focused.

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Homework Help

Each day, children will have time to work on assignments and complete homework with a Counselor who can provide support and answer questions.

O2B Kids


If the public school’s digital schedule provides the time, our Virtual Learners will move their bodies and refresh their minds during Neighborhood Time in our Play Village and/or outside playgrounds.

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Lunch & Snack

Two nutritious snacks and a hot lunch are provided daily to ensure your child has the energy to keep learning & playing.

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Tuition includes early morning drop-off and our traditional Afterschool program which begins at the conclusion of the traditional school day.

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Supplies & Expectations

Even though this is a crazy time, we want your child to truly love their experience in our Virtual Learning Lab! The info below will set your child up for success.

Technology Supplies

Please bring the items below and be sure to LABEL EVERYTHING with your child’s first and last name. Please help your child understand that these items are his or her responsibility to keep safe. We will do our best to store these devices safely, but can’t be responsible for lost or broken devices. Also, please ensure that any device has only child-appropriate content on it along with parental controls if your child can access Wi-Fi. Items needed include:

  • Laptop Charger
  • Passwords to Open Laptop & to Access School Websites for Assignments
  • Headphones

School Supplies

School Supplies Needed to Complete School Assignments (See your Public School’s website to find your school and classroom’s supply list).

Expectation of the Virtual Learner

  • Students in our Virtual Learning Lab must be enrolled in the distance learning option at their public school and must follow requirements set by their teacher.
  • All Virtual Learners are expected to arrive ready to learn with all materials they will need for the day.

Virtual Learning Lab Benefits

While helping your child succeed in school is our first priority, your Virtual Learner will be placed into a small group with other Virtual Learners giving your child the opportunity to socially interact and develop friendships. Academic support and safe social interactions are just two of the many benefits of our Virtual Learning Lab.

Covid Safety System in Place

Daily Health Screening

Digital Learning Support during the Entire School Day

Structured Routine for School Work

Daily Homework Help

Technology Support

Daily Recess & Neighborhood Time

Hot Lunch & Snacks Provided

Afterschool Program Included

Small Cohort Learning Groups

Safe Socialization with Friends

7am Drop-Off

Extended Evening Hours

Video-Monitored Facility with Front Door Security

Federal & State Background Checks on All Staff

First Aid & CPR Trained Staff

Safety Procedures

This is an unprecedented time and we’re taking unprecedented precautions to keep our kids and our staff safe. For a detailed summary of our COVID-19 Safety System, visit our O2B Healthy page.

Daily Health Screening

We are enforcing a strict Covid Attendance Policy. Before entering the building, all staff members and children must pass a Daily Health Screening which includes a temperature check.

Cohort Groups

We organize our kids into cohorts – small groups of the same kids and same teachers everyday which limits interactions with others.

Social Distancing

We encourage social distancing, sitting every other chair when possible.  We also play outside in the fresh air or in large play areas where it is safer.

Cleaning & Disinfecting

We conduct frequent handwashing and have a system in place to provide regular cleaning of frequently touched surfaces such as door knobs, light switches, faucets, bathrooms, tables and chairs. Shared spaces are cleaned in between each use by each group and we complete a nightly deep-clean using sanitation foggers to disinfect our classrooms and a spray disinfectant to clean the playground equipment.

Child Masks

The CDC recommends that school-age children wear a mask. Please have your children bring a mask with them, and wear it when they arrive. Once they are in their classroom with their group or while on the playground, they may be able to take it off. Our mask policy may vary by location depending on state and local regulations.

Staff Masks

We require all staff members to wear a mask in common areas of the building – any time they enter, exit, use shared spaces, transition between rooms, go to the bathroom, walk in the halls, etc. If they choose, they can take the mask off when they are on the playground in the fresh (and hot!) air. When our teachers are in their assigned classroom with their assigned group of children, teachers can take the mask off if they are able to safely social distance. Our mask policy may vary by location depending on state and local regulations.

Drop-off & Pick-up

Drop-off and pick-up will happen OUTSIDE our buildings and both parents and children must wear masks. After a Daily Health Screening that includes a temperature check, we will escort your children to their classroom and make sure their belongings get where they need to be. At pick-up, we will bring your children to you along with any items they brought to school that day.


What are the hours for the Virtual Learning Lab?

Our Virtual Learning Lab will follow the hours for your public school. You’ll be able to drop-off beginning at 7AM, and the program includes Afterschool which is available until our building closes (which varies by location)

What is the ratio or max number of children in a Virtual Learning Group?

Group size will depend on enrollment. We will work hard to keep groups smaller than our usual Afterschool groups and keep kids together with the same counselor to reduce interactions. Group size will not exceed 20 children.
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